The plan is to give great information for free as a public service, and in  return this starts the

Perpetual wellness cycle.


(see infographic above)

  • Chiropractors / Wellness
  • ​Ophthalmologists
  • Plastic Surgeons
  • Dentists
  • Dermatologists
  • ​Hair replacement specialists
  • any Doctor that has an elective surgery or procedure  option.
  • something to market

Public Speaking (MARKETING)

Opportunities  that Helps Doctors GET MORE PATIENTS-

​We Promote & Edify you to local businesses.

 For Doctors  that want more Patients.

there is a need for free health talks @ local  businesses.We are a paid service to set up these talks

​​How Can The Federal Health and Wellness Bureau Help You?

I am available 9 to 5 (7 DAYS a week) , and you can reach ME by calling, texting, or e-mailing any time.


1) Are you a doctor who is interested in joining our educational and promotional crusade,
to get more patients?

2) Are you a business owner or manager who wants to offer
free health talks to your employees?

3) Are you a person who has medical questions and a thirst for knowledge to better your life?

4) Are you a sales person that sees value in what we offer and would like to grow this initiative?

5) Do you want to refer a business for
free health talks and receive a $50 finder’s fee?

6) Are you a charitable donor who sees the global importance of
free health talks for all people?

7) Are you outside of South Florida and interested in the same type of business?


If so, then we have an opportunity for you. It all starts by contacting us now. 



"More Money & More Patients   for  Doctors"

Our goal is to help people by giving  Free health talks. We strive to make a significant impact on the  increase of patients seen by Doctors  by way of public speaking.

​To make this work the Doctors must  be successful @ converting the Public into Patients."You get paid in PATIENTS."


These are the types of Doctors that  I  want and are  the most successful at this business model. 


"I will put you in front of an audience that gets you 5 new patients a month." GUARANTEED



Alain Abecassis

The Federal Health and Wellness Bureau

Phone: 305-343-9824