Table of contents

  1. Executive Summary
  2. The Idea
  3. The Problem - Market Opportunity
  4. Market Opportunity - Market Analysis
  5. How Money is Made
  6. Strategy - Long Term Vision
  7. How to Market
  8. How Much Capital Needed
  9. Company Summary - Management Team
  10. Projected Financials
  11. What is the Valuation of the Company
  12. Implementation  Details
  13. Appendix, Supporting Documents and Links

1. Executive Summary

The Federal Health and Wellness Bureau (referred to as “the company”).

The Federal Health and Wellness Bureau is a private organization founded by a national network of participating healthcare professionals. Our goal and success is based on our ability to educate people about everyday risks and effective prevention strategies by providing health and wellness programs to small, medium, and large businesses. Our healthcare professionals are pre-screened doctors from within your community who strive to promote general health and wellness to all.


While there are many health problems that can’t be avoided, education can prevent many diseases.


Established as a promotional service for physicians’ practices and a provider of needed information globally, we expect rapid expansion. The company has initiated a national education effort to provide free health and wellness programs across the country.


2. The Idea

The idea is to help promote doctors and physicians’ practices via public speaking and to provide critical medical information to everyone at no cost.


First rate service is intended to be the focus and a cornerstone of the brand’s success.


All clients, doctors, and businesses will receive conscientious one-on-one, timely service in all capacities, be they transactions, conflicts, or complaints. This is expected to create a loyal brand following and repeat business. Our success is based on our ability to educate people about everyday risks and effective prevention - and how much we help doctors grow their practices.


3. Market Opportunity

Doctors aren’t getting good returns from traditional advertising, such as print media, TV, radio, and internet. The company has found a historically tried and true way to break through and to reach people in a meaningful way and provide lifelong relationships through public speaking.


What’s the unique value proposition? To use public speaking to make connections with people that surpasses any returns from traditional advertising - the best investment of time and money combination.


4. Market Analysis

Every doctor who wants long-term solutions to the advertising money dump without good returns and to serve the world in a positive manner.


Every doctor that advertises is our prospective customer, and every person wanting medical information is a perspective viewer. Our industry is the entire medical industry.


The advertising industry is estimated at $100 million per year, and we plan to rewrite the way promotions are conducted. The estimated value to a doctor finding a patient  VARIES  to each doctor and specialty.Lifetime Patient Value (L.P.V.) AVERAGE

  • ​Chiropractors-$3,500.00
  • ​Opthalmologists-$8500.00
  • Plastic Surgeons-5 K to 10 K


Our target market is doctors that advertise. There are no known competitors; some advertising companies promote public speaking for their clients, but it’s easier to have a doctor spend $5,000 in advertising than to talk them into public speaking.


5. How Money is Made

The company charges doctors $750, and the company schedules 2 speaking engagements per month. The company finds the doctors and meeting sites.


1 Doctor + 2 sites = $750.00 per month x 12 months = $9,000.00/yr

10 Doctors + 20 sites = $7,500.00 per month x 12 months = $90,000.00/yr

100 Doctors + 200 sites = $75,000.00 a month x 12 months = $900,000.00/yr

The $750 breaks down into $300 for me $300 to partner or employees and $150 to company.

In summary, the money is made by adding value to a doctor's practice with additional lifetime patients.


6. Long Term Vision

We aim to make a significant impact on the entire medical industry through public speaking. By bringing information to people that will improve their overall health, we will make a palpable difference in the world.


7. How to Market

- To doctors and businesses via telephone, fax e-mail, or face-to-face, including public speaking to doctors’ organizations.

- Target all doctors who advertise; map out all local doctors block by block and get names, phone numbers, and addresses.

- Contact hospitals’ education and promotions department for helping promote their doctors on staff.

- Contact advertising companies that promote doctors’ practices and contract or subcontract to their clients.


8. No Capital Needed

Bootstrapping can begin with little to no expenses - ready to go with communications, transportation, and base of operations being home-based.


9. Company Summary and Management Team

Mike Abecassis - My brother, whose help has been invaluable and critical to this company.

Ingrid Abecassis - My wife of 30 years is the head over support and communications.

Alain Abecassis - My background in public speaking includes being a paramedic since 1981, and I’ve been in various businesses since the age of 14 years old. From 1989-1992, I spoke in front of approximately 750,000 people in multilevel marketing and motivational speaking.


10. Projected Financials

First year / 10 doctors per month = $7,500 x 12 months = $90,000/yr.

After 5 years, 100 doctors per month = $75,000 per month = $900,000/yr.

Balance sheet = no liabilities, no debts, no income, no assets.


11. Valuation

No income, no debt. $90,000 - 900,000/yr.

12. implementation details

Implementation - We set up sites for presentations, find doctors, and coach them. Find people to expand the company and pay cash for referrals ($100/doctor and $50/site). 

​      ​

13.       appendix

Alain Abecassis Founder

(305) 343-9824 cellular 24 hours - call or text.

Career Opportunities

The Federal Health and Wellness Bureau is rapidly growing, and we’re seeking energetic and goal-oriented individuals across the country to join our team. If you possess an entrepreneurial spirit and a passion for helping others, contact us today!



I am looking for only one Doctor, to partner with and team-up in south Florida.

·        ​Co-promotion

·        Press tour,

·        Profit sharing,

·        WEBINARS

·        Includes prominent display as our featured doctor on the company’s website.

The Qualifications (casting)

  • confident
  • well spoken
  • very successful (well known)
  • ​good looking (in shape)
  • ​star quality("it" factor)
  • ​impresses other doctors

Speak to Alain Abecassis F.H.A.W.B .FOUNDER

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"More Money & More Patients   for  Doctors"